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AVIEW Modeler™

AVIEW Modeler is a software that enables medical staff and modeling workers to quickly communicate with each other and plan and modify 3D printing modeling.
AVIEW Modeler is a product based on web-based thin client technology, and can be used without additional data exchange and software installation. FDA-certified, communication-specific solution.

AVIEW Modeler™ Introduction

This video provides basic information provided by AVIEW Modeler and shows the main features and functions.

TCS (Web-based Thin-Client and Server System)

AVIEW Modeler™ is developed for commercial medical 3d printing service with recent web-based thin-client technology.

Concurrent users can make STL model with AVIEW Modeler; Segmentation, STL Fixing, local smoothing.

User can access to AVIEW Modeler anytime, anywhere, and by any device via internet.

Doctors can collaborate with engineer using useful functions such as DICOM sending, model checking and comment on image.


AVIEW Modeler™ Heart Segmentation