Smart Slicer

✔ Slice conversion to thin DICOM by AI

Auto Segmentation

✔ Liver & Kidney Segmentation by AI

Main Function

Magic Cut Segmentation

✔ The latest Graph-cut algorithm automatically segments contiguous objects in seconds.

✔ Magic Cut Segmentation saves you the efforts of manually dividing and drawing slices one by one.

Measurements & Memos

✔ Provides more enhanced 2D and 3D measurement methods and memo functions.

✔ Various measurements such as straight lines, curves, areas, and volumes on 2D screens & 3D models can be used for surgical planning or medical research.

Automatic fixing STL

✔ Users can automatically or manually modify the last converted STL file.

✔ Possible to print to STL without additional STL fixing software.

Communication with URL

✔ Engineers can save a job state (Job save) and share it as a URL.

✔ Busy medical staff can easily see what the engineer has done in a web browser.

Fusion of STL and DICOM

✔ STL files can be overlayed on the MPR screen and the Volume Rendering screen to view them simultaneously.

✔ Work files can be easily compared to the original DICOM image, improving 3D printing accuracy.

Smart Slicer

Image Enhancement powered by AI

✔ CT image convert learning with super resolution method based on deep neural network.

✔ Enhancing quality of 3D printing by converting chest and head images into thinner image data.